Second Hand Fridge in Chennai

The refrigerators we are selling here are the used ones, which can be commonly termed as Second-hand refrigerators. Today in a world where people are more scared about their savings and less cared about the environment made us trade second-hand refrigerators for an affordable price. We get these refrigerators from trustable sources. While buying the refrigerators, we ensure that the refrigerator doesn't have any problems and is in proper working condition. Later, a functional test is done by our officials to make sure it is good enough. The refrigerators we sell are checked well by our inspection department. The refrigerators that fail our inspection team's test are rejected though not to sell an incompetent refrigerator to our customers. If any of the parts of a refrigerator has some issues, we replace them before selling them. To give our consumers the wholesome experience of using a new one. We provide a wide range of models from top brands like Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Haier, Godrej appliances, Hisense, Panasonic, Liebherr, Kelvinator, GE, Frigidaire, and Whirlpool. These high-end refrigerators have built-in smart home hubs.

Keypoints-Why should you buy an used Fridge with us?

  • Free Installation
  • Service Warranty Available
  • Cheaper Price.
  • Availability of different models.

Reasons to buy a second-hand refrigerator:

While our competitors are keen on maximizing their sales percentage, we are conscious about maximizing people’s return from their income. Second-hand refrigerators are way cheaper and cost-effective than brand new ones. When you can get the same service from a second-hand refrigerator which is slightly used before and a lot cheaper than the brand new ones, it’s wise to select the second-hand refrigerator. The consumer can get a lot of discounts while buying a second-hand refrigerator. Second-hand refrigerators are not that worse; people may have used them for a weak / a month and have replaced them for some reasons. Here in our firm, we even change some of the internal parts of the second refrigerators we sell during the inspection time, which makes the refrigerator even more durable. Quality second-hand refrigerators may more durable than the brand new equivalent ones. While buying brand new ones, you have to pay additional taxes, but while buying second-hand goods, tariffs are negotiated. Beyond money, buying used refrigerators helps you to contribute a bit to the wellness of our environment. An increase in the manufacturing of new goods requires a lot of natural resources and may subject to cause a lot of pollution. Second-hand refrigerators don’t need further help, new packaging, and new energy to create them. Hence, an increase in the purchase of second-hand refrigerators may reduce the pollution created to our environment while making new ones.

Why to choose us?

Here on our website, you can get the best second-hand to compete with the new refrigerators in durability and service. Because here we replace the internal parts which have some minor defects and we make our refrigerators undergo a series of tests by our inspection team. If the refrigerators pass all the trials and the inspection department ticks all the checklists, we put out the refrigerator for sale. Here on our website, you can get many offers and discounts that you can’t get on any other second-hand refrigerators trading sites. We also provide repair and replacement services under some terms and conditions. Here on our website, we offer payment methods like cash on delivery, UPI transaction, Net banking, Mobile banking, and debit and credit card purchasing, except cheque-based payments.

Services warranty and offers:

By buying a second-hand refrigerator with us, you will get a service warranty for three months after purchasing the refrigerator. Our representatives will service any sort of repairs in some cases you may get a replacement too. On our website, we provide free installation for our customers.