Best Home Theatre Service Centre in Chennai

Click home service is the best service company in all appliance services. Our portfolio has crossed 600+ happy homes with 1000+ services. We provide the service at an affordable price and the fastest service in Chennai over the past decades.

We provide all types of services such as AC, Fridge, Washing machine, microwave oven, LCD/LED service, chimney, RO water purifier, home theatre, Laptop service.

  • Well-experienced Technicians.
  • 30 Days warranty after service
  • Best price in the market.
  • Low and Competitive Inspection charge

Home Theatre Service in Chennai

  • Home theatre provides a significant role in entertainment. It gives the theatre feeling at home. Thus, we feel the sound everywhere. But if it makes troubles click home service is ready to provide a maintenance check on your doorstep.
  • Click home service provides the best service in Chennai with the expertized technicians. We give the fastest home theatre service with 30 days of warranty and with transparent billing.
  • We have well-knowledged home theatre technicians who can service any issues. Thus, our company will give the solution instantly as we have well-experienced service professionals.

Common Issues in Chimney

  • a. Not getting sound
  • b. Surround speaker not working
  • c. Front speaker not working
  • d. Issuses in center speaker
  • e. Video lags with audio
a. Not getting sound
If your home theatre is connected with all speakers but you still not getting any sound from any speaker. Then it would be best if you unplugged all the cables connect them again in a proper manner. After that, still, you didn’t get any sound; it must be a home theatre problem. It is necessary to consult with our home theatre technicians.
b. Surround speaker not working
As the surround speaker is responsible for the low-frequency effects, if it gets failure, you cannot feel the music. First, you need to check whether the volume is raised or not. For that, you need to navigate with the receiver setup. There will be a setting for the individual configuration. After increasing the surround volume still, you face the same problem. Then you should consider a service for your surround speaker.
c. Front speaker not working
As the front speakers is located in left and right to the home theatre. It is responsible for the wide range of frequencies. It effect from the low base to the high range such as instruments, bells. If it makes trouble it is difficult to feel the sound. So you need to go for the service check with the speakers.
d. Issuses in center speaker
The Centre speaker is the most important speaker as it will reproduce the words in the movie. If you didn’t get the sound of the film, then you cannot enjoy the film. So if it does not work, then you should take an expert help.
e. Video lags with audio
If you feel the video is lagging, but the audio received earlier, it is the receiver's error. Here audio is ready to play, but the video not. So it is necessary to change the setting of the video. After changing still you facing the same difficulty, click on service is ready to help you on the doorstep.

Why Click Home Services Ranks as Best Home Theatre Service in Chennai

In this era of new technology, not every service member can work with all home theatre models, but we have a well-experienced technician to service any home theatre.

We provide the professional person according to the brand and model. They have enough knowledge and experience to handle any issues.

We send the person for inspection once we receive a call from you. We didn’t charge you for the review when you were availing the service. Thus, click home service provide the best solution for your appliances problem.

  • Availing 30 Days warranty for service.
  • Best price guaranteed
  • The inspection charge is free only when you are availing the service.
  • Service charge includes= labour charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both

Home theatre Brands we work with

Brands we work with include Sony, Zebronics, I kall, Philips, Intex, Mitashi, and so on.