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Click home service is the gratifying service company in all appliance services. Our portfolio has crossed 600+ happy homes with 1000+ services. We provide the fastest and cheapest service in Chennai. We have successfully serviced many appliances with happy customers.

We provide all types of services such as AC, Fridge, RO water purifier, microwave oven, Washing machine, LCD/LED service, chimney, home theatre, Laptop service.

  • Well-experienced Technicians.
  • 30 Days warranty after service
  • Best price in the market.
  • Low and Competitive Inspection charge


The micro-oven is used as a time saver in every kitchen nowadays. It cooks the food using microwave energy which is very close to the sunlight and radio waves. If it makes trouble, click home service is ready to give a maintenance check. Your search ends here when you search for the best service Centre near me. Click home service provides the most satisfactory service in Chennai with expert technicians who can resolve risky problems. We provide the micro-oven service with 30 days of warranty, and you are guaranteed the cordial price.

Issues of Microwave Oven

  • a. Micro Oven Not Heating
  • b. Microwave Suddenly Stops
  • c. Defective Buttons
  • d. Issues in Spinning Plate
  • e. Problem in Bulb
  • f. Sparkling inside the micro-oven
a. Micro Oven Not Heating
Micro oven, not heating the substance is a common problem. The magnetron failure mainly causes this problem. The microwave uses the high voltage produced by the magnetron to cook the food. If you keep the micro-oven empty, then it leads to the magnetron to burn out. A burned magnetron cannot be repaired, so burned magnetron must be replaced with the new one. It is also caused by the capacitor burn, transformer failure, defective door switch, and faulty diode.
b. Microwave Suddenly Stops
Many reasons are there for these issues. After a complete investigation, one can finalize the problem. Some of the common reasons for the sudden stop of micro-oven are, failed transformer, faulty fan motor, defective touchpad, and faulty door switch.
c. Defective Buttons
The defective buttons are caused by the faulty mother board. It also indicated that the buttons are damaged, or touch pad or control panel were defective. These are the major reasons for the defective buttons.
d. Issues in Spinning Plate
Micro-oven has a spinning plate. The reason for spinning is the motor under the plate. If the motor is burned or worn out, it does not spin the plate. A new motor can replace the defective motor easily. Whether the motor doesn’t burn out, this issue is caused by the faulty control board, the touchpad, or the control panel.
e. Problem in Bulb
The bulb inside the micro-oven is used to see the food which we kept inside the oven. If the light doesn’t work then it may fuse or we need check the switch board or need to check the wiring and also caused by the faulty bulb socket.
f. Sparkling inside the micro-oven
If you are noticing sparkling inside the micro-oven, first thing you should plug-off the micro-oven. It is caused by some reason such as waveguide cover damage, diode burn out, paint peel of inside the micro-oven and so on.


Click home service have the best chimney service, technicians. Whatever the issues, our technicians won't fail to repair them. We provide very transparent billing at an affordable price.

We work with all micro-oven such as solo micro-oven, grill micro-oven, convection micro-over.

We only provide the professional person with good knowledge of the particular brand or model. Thus, we rank as the best service across Chennai. Once we receive the call, we send the worthful technician for inspection. There is no charge for the inspection when you avail of the service.

  • Availing 30 Days warranty for service.
  • Best price guaranteed
  • The inspection charge is free only when you are availing the service.
  • Service charge includes= labour charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both


Brands we work with include LG, IFB, Kenstar, Onida, Godrej, Videocon, Whirlpool, Samsung, etc.