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  • Well-experienced Technicians.
  • 30 Days warranty after service
  • Best price in the market.
  • Low and Competitive Inspection charge

Laptop Service in Chennai

The laptop plays a significant role in this world as it has portable nature. If your laptop makes much trouble, we click on service is ready to service your laptop on the doorstep.

Click home service provides the most satisfactory service in Chennai with the expertized technicians who can resolve complex problems. We offer the laptop service with 30 days of warranty and you are guaranteed for the cordial price.

Common Issues in Laptops

  • a. Blank screen
  • b. Laptop freeze
  • c. Faulty keyboard
  • d. Screen light fails
  • e. Issues in battery
  • f. Virus attack
a. Blank screen
If your laptop speakers, lights were functioning, but your screen remains blank. These issues may result due to the failure of the motherboard or fault in any connected foreign devices. If you face this difficulty first, you should plug off the laptop and remove the battery.
b. Laptop freeze
Suppose you find that your laptop freezes during starting or shutdown. The overheat of the laptop or dusty fan or disk with high memory may lead to the loss of your unsaved files. Thus, it would be best to clean the fan or maintain the system in the cool surroundings.
c. Faulty keyboard
Suddenly, when your keyboard keys are not working correctly, or the keyboard typed the wrong character. So you should clean the keycaps safely, or else you should change the keyboard.
d. Screen light fails
If you see that your screen light fails or the entire screen goes dim, it may strain your eyes. It is because of the fault in the backlight .so you should take an immediate service.
e. Issues in battery
If your laptop charge drains quickly, it is due to a problem with the battery. Suppose your battery has some fault, such as if the battery sizes bulged or it cannot charge itself due to internal issues. So, it would be best if you replaced your battery with the new one.
f. Virus attack
If your laptop is attacked with the virus, it corrupts the whole files and crashes the system. Thus, it is necessary to be aware of the virus. It would be best if you protect your laptop with some antivirus. Whatever the problem, click on service is ready to help you to recover your laptop.

Why Click Home Services Ranks as Best Laptop Service in Chennai

Click home service have the best-expertized laptop technicians. Whatever the issues, our technicians recover the laptop. We provide the service at an affordable price with very transparent billing. If you avail of the service, then there is no fee for the inspection.

We offer a complete laptop service with all models of the laptop with any kind of issues. We assure you that our experts can service any problem.

We only provide the service with the best professional person with good knowledge of the particular brand or model. Thus, we rank as the best service across Chennai.


  • Availing 30 Days warranty for service.
  • Best price guaranteed
  • The inspection charge is free only when you are availing the service.
  • Service charge includes= labour charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both

Laptop Brands we work with

Brands we work with include Inspiron, Dell, Hp, Acer, Mac, Alienware, Hcl, IBM, Lg, and so on.