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Chimney Service in Chennai

The kitchen chimney is one of the most-used appliances out of all your home appliances which need regular maintenance. It is fitted above the stoves, by using the suction power it blows out smoky particle. If you feel difficulty using a chimney, Click home service is ready to solve the raised issues.

We have skilled experts who can resolve all types of issues. We have excellent customer service. We send the expert for the inspection once we receive the call from you. There are no separate fees for the inspection when you avail for the further proceedings

Common Issues in Chimney

  • a. Installation
  • b. Chimney blockage
  • c. Abrupt noise
  • d. Issues in suction
  • e. Fan rotating slowly
  • f. Electric chimney not running
a. Installation
The chimney needs to be installed correctly. The main role of the chimney is to extract order, smoke, heat from the surrounding. It has some procedures to set up the chimney. If you try to set it on your own, it may lead to risk. Thus install it with the technical person.
b. Chimney blockage
Chimney blockage is a serious issue. It is due to the air pressure. If your inside air pressure is less than outside air pressure is the major cause for this blockage. This blockage may lead the carbon monoxide to enter the house through the blockage. If the problem exists, then connect with our experts immediately.
c. Abrupt noise
In the electric chimney, noise is a very common problem. High power motor leads to heavy noise. But sometimes the reason for the noise is something. The uncleaned chimney may create a noisy kitchen, and hindrance in the motor is also the reason for the noise.
d. Issues in suction
The role of the suction is to absorb the food order, smell, and spicy fume. If the suction is not working properly, then it may lead to serious troubles. The suction unit filters the foam and releases the filtered air outside. The damaged motor may also cause this failure.
e. Fan rotating slowly
Chimney fans are similar to wall fans with detachable oil filters. It releases the air outside. To achieve the correct suction power, we need the fan to rotate at a proper speed. If your blower is spinning slowly, it is necessary to service the motor ball or change the condenser.
f. Electric chimney not running
If your chimney is not running correctly, you should check whether the switchboard or the power supply wire is damaged. If everything is good in place, still your chimney is not running, then connect with the Click on Service Company chimney service expert to solve the issues.

Why Click Home Services Ranks as Best Chimney Service in Chennai

Click home service have the best chimney service, technicians. Whatever the issues, our technicians won't fail to repair them. We provide very transparent billing at an affordable price. Once we receive the call, we send the apt technician for inspection. There is no charge for the inspection when you avail of the service.

We work with all kitchen chimneys such as wall-mounted kitchen chimneys, auto clean chimneys, in-built chimneys, island chimneys, etc.

We only provide the professional person with good knowledge of the particular brand or model. Thus, we rank as the best service across Chennai.

  • Availing 30 Days warranty for service.
  • Best price guaranteed
  • The inspection charge is free only when you are availing the service.
  • Service charge includes= labour charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both

Chimney Brands we work with

Chimney brands we work with involves Hindware, Elica, Faber, Eurodomo, Glen, and more