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Click home service is the most satisfactory service company in all appliance services. Our portfolio has crossed 600+ happy homes with 1000+ services. we provide the fastest and cheapest service in Chennai over the past decades. We provide all type of services such as AC,Fridge, Washing machine, microwave oven, LCD/LED service ,chimney, RO water purifier, home theatre, Laptop service.

  • Well-experienced Technicians.
  • 30 Days warranty after service
  • Best price in the market.
  • Low and Competitive Inspection charge


Whether your air conditioner is not functioning properly, especially in the hot weather, click home service is ready to give a maintenance check on your doorstep. We have our own skilled AC experts; they can service all types of ac models and brands.
We provide the ac service with 30 days of warranty and you are guaranteed for the best price. Your search ends here when you search for the best service Centre near me. Click home service provide the best service in Chennai with the expertized technicians who can resolve any risky problems

Common Issues in AC

  • a. faulty fan blade
  • b. InsideWater Leak
  • c. Outside Water Leak
  • d. Refrigerant Leak
  • e. Dirty Air Filter
  • f. Frozen Evaporator Coil
  • g. Failure of Electric Control
  • h. AC Fan Failure
a. faulty fan blade
The fan motor gets failure due to the wear and tear of excess dirt in the fan motor and bend in the fan blades leads to the loud mechanical noise. This problem isn’t something you can attempt it own. It should take forward to the professional.
b. InsideWater Leak
If you notice there is a water leakage in the indoor unit, then the maintenance will be overhead. The primary reason for the leakage is that the condensate pump is broken entirely, and the frozen evaporated coil also leads to the leakage of water.
c. Outside Water Leak
The primary reason for the outside water leak such as dirty air filters, low coolant levels, lousy ac seal, improper installation, broken condensate pan. For these types of problems, timely general service is important.
d. Refrigerant Leak
In an air conditioner, freon is responsible for colling the air. Unsurprisingly it is the reason for the colling circumstance. Thus, it should be taken care of immediately as the excess releasing refrigerant is very dangerous to the environment
e. Dirty Air Filter
Air filter, as the name suggests it filter the pollutant from the air. It is necessary to clean the filter often; thus, it does not restrict the airflow and not reduce the colling of the air.
f. Frozen Evaporator Coil
The frozen evaporator coil makes your ac harden and stops working. Sometimes, the coil is accumulated with a sheet of ice. thus it is primary to take the service periodically.
g. Failure of Electric Control
The connection is connected with the blower motor, the compressor and the condenser motor to start the unit. Often the air conditioner is switched on and off is the primary cause of electric control failure.Thus, there is a need for service because it is necessary to prevent the air conditioner to turn on.
h. AC Fan Failure
The AC fan which is placed outside is used to transfer the heat from the indoor. If the fan does not work, it will not transfer the heat outside correctly, which lead to the air conditioner’s compressor overheat. It is difficult to diagnose, so it is suggested to take a professional to clear the problem.


A minor unsolved issue leads to the bigger problem. Suppose you did not take the air conditioner service periodically; it leads to many issues as mentioned above. Finally, it will lead to more investment to function the ac again. On doing regular AC service, the electricity bill will get reduced and boost the performance of AC. the professional's services the air conditioner by cleaning free the dust, filling the gases, checking the leakages and so on. Thus, regular service is essential for air conditioner


All technicians cannot resolve all ac models and brands because they cannot solve some brands. For example, many professionals are not experienced with new model ac. But we only provide the professional person according to the brand and model. They have perfect knowledge and experience in the particular model/brand. We provide 30 days warranty for service and a guarantee at an affordable price. We also have great customer service. Once we receive the call, we send the suitable technician for inspection. There is no charge for the inspection when you avail the service.

  • Availing 30 Days warranty for service.
  • Best price guaranteed
  • The inspection charge is free only when you are availing the service.
  • Service charge includes= labour charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both


Brands we work with involves LG, Bluestar, Daikin, Panasonic, Hitachi,Toshiba,Voltas, Whirlpool and others.