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  • Well-experienced Technicians.
  • 30 Days warranty after service
  • Best price in the market.
  • Low and Competitive Inspection charge


  • Whether your refrigerator makes much trouble, click home service is ready to give a maintenance check on your doorstep. We have well-knowledged refrigerator mechanics; they can service any refrigerator model.
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Common Issues in Refrigerator

  • a. Water Leaking on the Floor
  • b. Freezer Isn't Cold Enough
  • c. Fridge freezing food
  • d. Warm refrigerator
  • e. Noisy refrigerator
  • f. Fridge not defrosting
a. Water Leaking on the Floor
All refrigerator has a drainage pathway. The drainage hole filters the condensation water into a small pan located on the top of the compressor.Thus,the tiny pan is destructed it may lead to the leaking of water in the floor also affect the compressor. The primary cause of leaking of water is blocked defrost drain. Thus, it is necessary to take care with the expert.
b. Freezer Isn't Cold Enough
It is a common problem faced in many refrigerators that the freezer colling is not enough. It is due to many reasons, such as dirt in condenser coil, faulty start capacitor, defective thermistor and compressor, evaporator fan motor issues, etc. So it is to be taken care of with the experts.
c. Fridge freezing food
Naturally, the fridge cools the food, but we find ice crystals due to the defective thermostat. The thermostat stops the refrigerator when it attains a certain cooling point, but if there are any issues in the thermostat, it doesn’t stop the fridge leading to the freezing of food. It should take forward to the professional.
d. Warm refrigerator
The refrigerator cools the items. But if we feel warm in the fridge, it is necessary to check the condenser coil. For these types of problems, frequent service is essential.
e. Noisy refrigerator
If the refrigerator makes more noise, it affects daily lives, so we must take regular services, especially the fan blades. Thus, the fan motor gets failure due to the wear and tear of excess dirt in the fan motor, and the bend in the fan blades leads to the loud mechanical noise. This problem isn’t something you can attempt it own. It should take forward to the professional.
f. Fridge not defrosting
It is the most common problem caused by the defective defrost control board and timer. And also issues in the compressor and defrost sensor fuse. A new fuse replaces it, and it cannot reset again. So, we need to replace the defective main control board as it stops the voltage from sending to the defrost system.


In this updated world, not every service member can work with all models with different doors, but we have a well-experienced serviceman to service any refrigerator brands.
We provide the professional person according to the brand and model. They have perfect knowledge and experience in the particular refrigerator model/brand.
We also have excellent customer service. We send the person for inspection once we received a call from you. If you were availing of service, then we don’t charge you for the inspection. Thus, click home service provide the best solution for your appliances problem.

  • Availing 30 Days warranty for service.
  • Best price guaranteed
  • The inspection charge is free only when you are availing the service.
  • Service charge includes= labour charges + spare parts (or) consumable charges (or) both


Brands we work with involve Samsung, LG, Bosch, Voltas, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Haier, Godrej, Panasonic, Hitachi, and others.